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Inspection - Sales - Recovery

We provide certified inspections for overhead cranes. We also service and repair them including:

Bridge Cranes:

These cranes have a bridge that spans the width of the facility and moves along runways on either side. They are ideal for applications requiring frequent lifting and transport of heavy loads.

Gantry Cranes:

Similar to bridge cranes, but with legs that support the bridge and run on a track on the ground. They are often used outdoors or in areas where overhead support structures are not feasible.

Jib Cranes:

These have a horizontal arm (jib) that supports a movable hoist, mounted on a wall or floor-mounted pillar. They are suitable for smaller, localized lifting tasks.

Monorail Cranes:

These cranes move along a single rail, typically used for repetitive tasks along a specific path.

overhead crane hand signals.PNG
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